The Pompei Lounge, Staunton, VA

Location: The center of the downtown area. It is located above a very high class Italian restaurant.

Backstage Area: None

Stage/PA: No stage area. The only place they had for the bands to play was a sectioned off part of the room, 4 flights up. No PA was provided; you need to provide your own.

Viewing Area: The rest of the top floor was considered the viewing area. It was filled with tables and chairs for people to sit while they watched the bands.

Management: Very well organized and friendly. The assisted with setting up and making sure that we had everything we needed to perform. The also provided someone to help carry the equipment up the four flights of stairs.

Other Services: FOOD! FREE FOOD. If you arrive early enough and the Italian restaurant is still open you are allowed one meal per person for free. This isn’t some Olive Garden food either. Fill up on the shrimp cocktail! At the end of the night, they also provided a free meal of bar food. At the end of our set they had burgers waiting for us.

Overall: I really enjoyed this place. It seemed like it would be better if it was acoustic only, but people were really excited to see a full band there. The room we played in had a beautiful view of the city. Since there is no cover charge at the bar, people would walk in from the street when they heard the music. Even though no one danced around or anything, a very large crowd came out to listen. Oh, and the food was amazing and free! The only downside was the 4 flights of stairs we had to carry our equipment up. It took an hour each time and we were dying by the end of it. I would definitely recommend this place, it’s a great place to play and get your fill of food while on tour.



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Screen cast!

So I decided to do my tour on the blog Awful Modifications. I found this website after I tried, and failed, at stretching me ear. I found this website very helpful in many ways. They offer a large array of tips and information on how to stretch, different types of piercings, ect. It because very helpful when I went to go get my nape pierced and the piercer tried to use an incorrect piece of jewelery. If I hadn’t done my research on this site I would have had it reject.

Anyway, on to the screencasting itself. I found it a little more difficult than I first would have imagined. I have done a good amount of screen casting in the past when I used to do a lot of online gaming. I used to use Fraps because it was cheap and did exactly what I wanted. I got a little confused using jing because I didn’t understand that jing and

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My Ad

So after many problems this week, here is my commercial! I really would have liked to use Garage Band because I have a good amount of experience with it. Unfortunately I do not own a Mac so I had to settle for Audacity. I did not like using the program at all. In Garage Band you can very easily slide different clips into position and make sure everything lines up. Audacity does not seem to have that option. You have to just record it in a certain place and there it stays. This caused me to record my voice multiple times to make sure it lines up with the music. I would definitely not try and use it again. I feel the only up side to Audacity is that its free and small and simple to use.

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So I just made the new header for my blog! To make it I just took a bunch of the photos of me and my friends hanging out at shows. I really didnt have much trouble making it as it is really just a collage. I used photoshop to create the image. I’ve used photoshop a lot more extensively though. I use it in everyday life to help set up shirts and flyers for my friends company.

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The Room, Brookfield, CT.

Location: A strip mall type of building. Its located a little out of the center of Brookfield.

Backstage Area: 4 separate dressing rooms with places to hang guitars and water.

Stage/PA: Very large stage. All equipment is back-lined so it makes setting up between sets very easy. They have a large PA with monitors so you can actually hear yourself. The PA is all operated by the owner who knows what he is doing.

Viewing Area: Small concrete area that can fit around 150 people. The walls are lined with classic video games for people to play between sets. There are tables set up along one wall for merch tables. There is also a balcony with seat but that is only opened on very crowded nights.

Management: Very organized. They were on top of each band to get there on time and helped them set up. The show was only postponed by 15 minutes due to a late member of the opening band. Although, according to the owner, this was a personal favor and if a band is 5 minutes late they loose their set.

Other Services: They have a professional photographer on staff that takes pictures of each band playing and will edit and post them online for no charge.

Overall Experience.: I thought this was an amazing video. The staff was very friendly and wanted to put on a good show, not just make money. They help out touring bands by buying their CD’s and playing them over the PA between sets. I liked that they only have unsigned and local bands playing over the PA to help promote them. The only complaint is once the show was over they played the Afro Circus Dubstep Song on repeat until everyone cleared out. Apparently they do it as a joke to try and get everyone out of the show quicker once its over.

Contact Information


Phone Number: (845) 222-5117



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A quick tour of the van we lived in for 3 weeks.

So one the first tour of the summer we shared with the band Picture Perfect. Heres the video they put together of some things that go on on the road. Oh and we all got matching tattoos at the end of it.

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Hello World

So I just finished setting up everything for this blog. I have done all of my other blogging on Tumblr so switching to WordPress has been interesting. Worpress is definitely more customizable and offers a lot more features than Tumblr, but Tumblr is much easier to use. I found myself getting a lot more frustrated at WordPress than I ever did using Tumblr.

*my reaction to getting lost in wordpress*

However, I am slowly learning how to navigate this new site. I’m really excited to start posting and writing review. Hopefully people can use the information I post here to book tours or even play more shows in their local area.

*cool things that would happen at said shows*


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